After doing an OE and returning to New Zealand, I realized that NZ was the best place to farm. I came back to the small family farm on the banks of the Manawatu River, near the Gorge. My parents ran a Holstien/Freisian Stud, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the showing of the cattle. I eventually bought the home farm and also purchased neighbouring land to make it a more profitable platform. I soon began to question the constant bombardment of information€ from the so called professionals, supposedly  backed by scientific data, attempting to sell me products and services that in the end I didn't need to succeed. Farmers, I believe, in general have lost the ability to listen to their inner self, the land and their animals to make wise decisions. Instead they rely on institutionalised blinkered thinkers to make their decisions for them. And they blindly pay for the CONsultancy fee and recommended products, ruining the land and livestock with any number of toxic concoctions.

I saw the fragility of the river soils when Urea was applied. Because of the very low CEC (cation exchange capacity) the soil soon resembled concrete (which I later learned from my father, is what they used in the war to harden paddocks to create runways).

What fools they are to think that this product does any good for long term sustainable production?

The costs associated with CONventional farming methods only line the pockets of all the associated businesses that are needed to try and fix the problems that have arisen from the initial scientific advice.

Shying away from this recipe for disaster I began to use more limes on the paddocks and drop the use of antibiotics in my herd. I stopped dry cow therapy# and got no more mastitis than when I used it.

It was in 2004 when Fonterra started to offer Organic Premiums that I took the plunge and was certified Organic. I was also introduced to Steve Clark, who was promoting the Probitas* environmentally sustainable method of farming. It was exactly what I was looking for. I appreciated the honesty and integrity of this group, and the emphasis on growing nutrient rich food. I was bitten by the need to know more bug. I attended a four day seminar in Australia with Graeme Sait (expat kiwi). His vast knowledge on growing healthy food to combat degenerative diseases was astounding. I came away from that absolutely buzzing. Karen and I have been extremely privileged to host other world renowned biological advisors. Such as the late Jerry Brunetti, Joel Salatin, Greg Judy, and Hugh and Shabari Lovel .

by the environment). Diet does affect genes. I am dedicated to producing food now that is

 more than just healthy, it is actually super food that can protect from illness and disease. My fertilisation system is with Probitas* coupled with an intense program of Biodynamics, which is being implemented by an incredible man by the name of Peter Bachcuss.

What keeps coming back to me time and time again is that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT AND CAN ABSORB.  All processing of natural products destroys the natural integrity of how it was designed to be consumed. Man has created convenient but nutrient poor and toxin rich food all in the purpose of extending shelf life and making a buck. Thus creating diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto immune dysfunction and other degenerative diseases.

You too can be in control of your own heath and need not fear disease because you can protect yourself through good, healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

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 * Probitas website:

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