Is it true that light destroys the good properties of milk as the TV advertising would have us believe?

Absolutely, including certain display cabinet lighting.


Is it safe to make cheese or yoghurt from raw milk?

Absolutely. It should only be made from the Raw product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure I won't get germs or diseases from raw/unpasteurised/organic milk?

You can never be sure but go see the farmer and see how he collects the Raw milk and his hygiene and talk to other clients of that farmer.


Is it safe for babies and young children to drink?

Certainly if the farmer’s hygiene is to a high standard.

What is the shelf life of raw milk compared to pasteurised milk?

Raw milk will sour after 10 to 14 days (which is better for you) Pasteurised milk starts to rot as soon as it's pasteurised but won't be noticed for 7 to 10 days. Pasteurizing kills both good and bad bugs but the bad ones will rejuvenate first.


A1 and A2 milk -  is there really a difference?

The A2 people certainly believe so.

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